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Mission and Strategy


AdP - Águas de Portugal, SGPS, S.A. (AdP - SGPS) is a holding company that, through its subsidiaries, has as its mission the design, construction, operation and management of Water Supply Systems, Wastewater Sanitation and Municipal and Industrial Solid Waste Treatment and Recovery Systems within a framework of economic, financial, technical, social and environmental sustainability.

Its mission is also to develop a strong and highly efficient Portuguese business group, capable of responding effectively to the important challenges currently faced in the environmental sector.

Strategic objectives
The objectives of the AdP Group are determined by the government policies for the sector, which are set out in the strategic plans applicable to the Group’s operations, in general guidelines that take the form of ministerial orders, and in specific guidelines from the shareholders.

Under the terms of the legal regime for the State Business Sector and the Public Manager Statute, the State, as shareholder, defines the strategic objectives.

The specific strategic objectives for the Board of Directors of AdP SGPS for the 2012/2014 period of office are based on the following principles:

• The implementation of a professionalised management philosophy, based on the right skills and increasing productive capacity according to the most stringent quality parameters, towards the achievement of its mission.
• The adoption of best management practices according to the principles of good governance for companies in the State Business Sector.
• The development of an organisational culture oriented towards performance excellence through the use of a set of reference business practices, enabling the company to achieve success in the search for corporate sustainability, based essentially on a management philosophy that incorporates economic, environmental, social and ethical dimensions.

Every year the Government approves a set of specific management objectives for the Board of Directors of AdP SGPS.


Within the framework of the mission to which it is committed, AdP SGPS should pursue the following strategic guidelines:

• ensure the continuation of sectorial policies which govern its activity and the creation of shareholder value, with special focus on prudential risk management and the mobilization of financial resources;
• promote the rationalization of investments needed to provide services, with a focus on the proper sizing of new and the maintenance of existing infrastructure;
• reorganize the water supply sector and wastewater sanitation, with the priority being the economic and financial sustainability of operations in these areas and to improve efficiency in the delivery of services;
• continue promoting efficiency, enhancing the grouping of systems and promoting integrated solutions for managing the urban water cycle;
• foster conditions for the participation of private entities in the management systems;
• continue to identify solutions that promote a resolution of the tariff deficit, from a sustainability perspective;
• make the waste business unit of the AdP Group autonomous and take the necessary measures for its opening up to the private sector;
• contribute to sustainable development, developing solutions for the use of endogenous resources and assets, rationalization of energy consumption and the reduction or offsetting of emissions;
• capitalize on the skills and abilities available within the Group, thus contributing to project implementation in international markets;
• promote the development of an integrated R&D strategy, in line with national objectives for this area;
• provide continuity to other projects considered relevant, in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the sectorial responsible ministries.