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Mission and Strategy

AdP - Águas de Portugal, SGPS, S.A. is a pure holding company that, through its subsidiaries, has as its mission the design, construction, operation and management of water supply systems, wastewater sanitation and solid domestic and industrial waste treatment and recovery systems within a framework of economic, financial, technical, social and environmental sustainability. Its mission is also to develop a strong and highly competent Portuguese industrial group, capable of responding effectively to the important challenges that currently exist in the environmental sector.

The strategic positioning of the AdP Group is determined by government policies for the sector, which are set out in the strategic plans applicable to the group’s operations, in general guidelines that take the form of ministerial orders and in specific guidelines from the shareholder.

In compliance with its mission, and in alignment with its strategic positioning, AdP operates in the water supply, wastewater treatment and solid waste treatment and recovery sectors through the ownership and management of a portfolio of shareholdings. Most of these are concessionary companies operating multimunicipal systems that are owned in partnership with the municipalities concerned in accordance with the legal framework, specifically Decree Law no. 379/93, of 5 November, and Decree Law no. 195/2009, of 20 August, and are designed to enhance compliance with the objectives set down in the Water Supply and Wastewater Sanitation Strategic Plan for the period 2007-2013 (PEAASAR II) and the Strategic Plan for Municipal Solid Waste for the period 2007-2016 (PERSU II).

Within the framework of implementing these sector plans, and in accordance with the new management model established by Decree Law no. 90/2009, of 9 April, that establishes a partnership regime between the state and local government for the management and operation of public water supply, urban wastewater sanitation and urban solid waste systems, the AdP Group holds stakes in two public-public management company partnerships for the operation and management of water supply and urban wastewater sanitation services.

Within the field of water supply, the stake held in EPAL - Empresa Portuguesa das Águas Livres, S.A. is of particular relevance given the contribution made in terms of the group’s technical and financial capacities. Another strategy of the AdP Group is to implement solutions for treating pig farming effluents, with a view to resolving serious environmental problems related to this activity and thus contributing to meeting the goals of Portugal’s National Strategy for Agricultural and Agro-Industrial Effluents (ENEAPAI).

In the waste area, the AdP Group’s priority is to contribute to implementing Portuguese and EU strategies and achieving the respective objectives for the sector, particularly with regard to increasing the selective collection of multi-material packaging and diverting biodegradable urban waste away from disposal in sanitary landfills, as envisaged in the 2007-2016 Strategic Plan for Municipal Solid Waste (PERSU II), and defining goals and targets for complying with the EU landfill and packaging directives.

With the aim of maximising the use of endogenous assets and resources, namely the by-products of water and waste treatment processes, and contributing to sustainable development through the rationalisation of energy consumption and the reduction or offsetting of greenhouse gases, the AdP Group is developing a diverse range of renewable energy projects.

The group’s international operations in Mozambique and Angola are a means of capitalising on skills and capacities developed in Portugal, contributing to the development of the water and waste sectors in these countries.

Through its shared services unit, the group aims to foster concerted access to the markets, integrate resources and propagate accumulated experienc es throughout the group.

By contributing to the management of the country’s available resources, the implementation of government policies and the achievement of national objectives in the environmental area, the AdP Group plays a structural role in the sector.

The nature, size and execution period of the capital-intensive projects with long-term returns in which the AdP Group is involved present a particularly demanding, but critically important, challenge in terms of the structural role these projects play at a national level and in the management of the country’s available resources.

AdP’s future development rests on the growth and profitability of its businesses, a balanced portfolio of assets and an effective group structure that capitalises on synergies resulting from the integrated management of resources, experience and accumulated know-how.