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Through EGF and Multi-Municipal Systems for Treatment and Recovery of Urban Solid Waste, the AdP Group plays a key role in supporting the creation and definition of environmental policies and in the implementation of solutions for a sustainable management of waste.

Operations in this domain integrate non-selective collection, sorting, treatment and recovery of solid waste.

The implementation of solutions which promote the sustainability of core business operations is the main goal of the AdP Group in this area, namely through guaranteeing the total recovery of service costs, especially those which result from the new technological framework required for complying with the Portuguese and the Community strategies and goals for the sector, especially the increase of selective collection of packages and the diversion of biodegradable urban waste from landfill deposits.

The investments made and the activities developed in the field of selective collection, specifically in terms of the corresponding logistics and of environmental promotion and awareness, have helped to increase the amount of waste dispatched for recovery by means of recycling as opposed to being deposited in a landfill.

Also with the purpose of lenghthening the useful life of landfills, and allowing at the same time the production of electricity from endogenous sources and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the organic recovery of biodegradable waste is another field with investment priority, particularly the innovative technologies for the harnessing of energy from biogas produced by waste decomposition and the production of fertilisers for agriculture.

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