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National Association of Portuguese Municipalities
Associação Nacional de Municípios Portugueses (ANMP)
The National Association of the Portuguese Municipalities is the representative structure of the Portuguese municipalities (municípios) and sections of municipalities (freguesias).

Portuguese Environmental Agency
APA - Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente
The mission of the APA is to propose, develop and monitor the implementation of policies relating to combating climate change and the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, assessing environmental impacts, waste, serious risk prevention, integrated pollution control and environmental education to ensure the participation of and provide information to the general public and to non-governmental environmental organisations.

Portuguese Water Distribution and Drainage Association
APDA – Associação Portuguesa de Distribuição e Drenagem de Águas
The APDA represents and defends the interests of the organisations that run Portugal’s public water supply and wastewater systems and related bodies, representing them in dealings with national or European bodies and participating in the study, preparation and public debate of legislation and regulations relating to the environmental sector, providing in this way a specialist organisation for a broad range of professionals.

Portuguese Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering
APESB - Associação Portuguesa de Engenharia Sanitária e Ambiental
The APESB is a national organisation dedicated to the study, analysis and debate of the multidisciplinary aspects of water supply, wastewater drainage and treatment, and solid waste with a view to contributing to the implementation of integrated solutions that are technically efficient, economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

Portuguese Water Resources Association
Associação Portuguesa de Recursos Hídricos
APRH is a nonprofit technical and scientific association which activities focuses on Water issues.  It was founded on August 4th 1977 by a group of 160 professionals and scientists in the field of water resources with an innovative vision, who created an association which sought to influence policies based on integrated water resources management principles and values. Since 1977, APRH is headquartered in Lisbon at LNEC - National Laboratory of Civil Engineering.

Directorate General of Treasury and Finance
Direção-Geral do Tesouro e Finanças (DGTF)
Its mission is to ensure the execution of the financial intervention operations of the State, follow up on matters associated with the State’s financial supervision of the public, administrative and business sectors and with the State shareholder function, ensure the integrated management of state-owned property, as well as intervene in public sector property operations.

Water and Waste Services Regulation Authority
ERSAR – Entidade Reguladora dos Serviços de Águas e Resíduos
ERSAR - The Water and Waste Services Regulation Authority is in charge of regulating public water supply services, urban wastewater management services and municipal waste management services. These activities are essential public services, but consumers can’t choose between operators due to the lack of competition in the water and waste sector. Therefore, protecting the consumers is one of ERSAR’s main missions. ERSAR established its own regulation model and regulates over 500 operators. Although the authority of ERSAR depends on the Ministry of Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Spatial Planning (MAMAOT), its financing comes from regulation fees and drinking water control fees collected from the operators.

Caixa Geral de Depósitos

Grupo Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Caixa Geral de Depósitos, a shareholder in AdP SGPS SA through Parcaixa SGPS SA, is a Portuguese financial group with 130 years of history.

Institute for Nature Conservation and Biodiversity
Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e da Biodiversidade (ICNB)
The Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e da Biodiversidade, I.P. - ICNB (Institute for Nature Conservation and Biodiversity) is part of the Portuguese Ministry for the Environment. ICNB is the governmental body responsible for nature conservation and biodiversity policies as well as the management of Protected Areas.

National Laboratory for Civil Engineering
Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil (LNEC)
The Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil – LNEC (National Laboratory for Civil Engineering) is a state owned research and development (R&D) institution founded in 1946.
The main goals of the LNEC are to carry out innovative research and development and to contribute to the best practices in civil engineering.

Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy
Ministério do Ambiente, Ordenamento do Território e Energia 
Is the government department responsible for defining, coordinating and implementing policy relating to environment, spatial planning and energy, with the aim of ensuring sustainable development and social and territorial cohesion. It also plans and coordinates the use of national and European Union funds for these areas.

Portuguese Water Partnership
Parceria Portuguesa para a Água
The Portuguese Water Partnership’s mission is to promote an effective link between professionals, institutions and companies in order to project the knowledge and skills of the Portuguese water sector in the world, and to catalyse opportunities in international markets and in the area of cooperation within the framework of the development of sustainable projects in line with the Millennium Development Goals.