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AdP Energias, S.A.

AdP Energias, S.A.

Rua Visconde de Seabra, 3
1700 – 421 Lisboa
Tel.: +351 212 469 445
Fax: +351 212 469 402


The mission of AdP Energias – Energias Renováveis e Serviços Ambientais, S.A. is to maximise the energy-producing potential of the assets and endogenous resources of the AdP Group and to contribute to the sustainable development of group companies, rationalising their energy consumption and reducing or compensating for their greenhouse gas emissions.

In the field of renewable energy production, AdP Energias develops projects in the following areas:

• energy generation from refuse-derived fuels (RDF) and water and wastewater treatment plants (WTPs and WWTPs) sludge – Waste-to-Energy (WtE) Plants;
• low temperature heat recovery units – Organic Rankine Cycle technology;
• hydroelectric production – hydro peaks and micro hydro plants;
• energy production from biomass;
• photovoltaic solar energy production – traditional technologies and concentration photovoltaics.

At the same, AdP Energias also works in support of group companies to promote efficient energy solutions, to optimise energy production at existing installations and infrastructures and to develop regional and local solutions for the environmentally correct and energetically efficient use of WTP and WWTP sludge.

This area also includes activities designed to support the use of financial incentive programmes for energy efficiency included in Portugal’s Efficient Consumption Promotion Plan (PPEC); to provide technical support for optimising the management of biogas resulting from anaerobic digestion processes; to assist in the licensing of installations and energy delivery points; and to develop sludge drying and treatment processes using solar energy.