AdP Internacional

Rua Visconde de Seabra, 3
1700-421 Lisboa

Tel.: +351 212 469 800
Fax: +351 212 469 802

AdP Internacional holds the mission of managing AdP group businesses outside of the country and thus simultaneously serving as a showcase and a means of leveraging the competitive advantages that Portugal holds in the environment sector.

In recent years, in association with local partners as well as other Portuguese companies in the sector, the company has engaged in diverse projects in countries including Angola, Algeria, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Morocco, Mozambique and Sao Tome and Príncipe, whether in the format of technical assistance or through the management of water and wastewater concessionary services.

The international strategy of the AdP group targets markets where there is already a significant presence or relevant experience and focuses upon environmentally, economically and financially sustainable projects.

Currently, the group is present in Angola, where it set up a subsidiary in 2010; in Mozambique, through its holding Aquatec; and in various other countries especially through the signing of technical assistance contracts across the fields of water supply and the sanitation treatment of the wastewaters resulting.