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Do you know what moves us?

Marisa works in managing the sources, José Carlos takes care of treatment while Joana accompanies water safety. 
João supervises works in the field and Pedro controls investments. 
Just as Luís takes on central command, Dora is coordinating the operational teams, Pedro works on minimising network losses and João keeps up with local equipment maintenance. 
Maria João guarantees laboratory control over the quality of the water supply and José handles the wastewater treatment operations. 
Bárbara nurtures our historical heritage just as Joana strives to manage the assets and Pedro works to improve their efficiency. 
Sílvia and António know our clients by their names and Francisco raises awareness about the importance of water. 
Miguel engages in international markets as Pedro advances with innovations and Milton transforms our energy sources.
Multiple functions, the same motivation: your wellbeing and the future of us all.


In the AdP - Águas de Portugal Group, the management of the urban water cycle is a job done by many professionals; not only those found out in the terrain undertaking the more operational functions but also all of those who ensure the planning activities, management and support for the most diverse fields.

With the objective of boosting the profile of the skills and activities developed within the scope of managing the urban water cycle, the AdP Group presents this series of 20 films starring its professionals, portraying the roles they perform and their relevance to the respective segment of Group activities.

Watch them here:

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