AdP VALOR, the Group company set to drive strategic innovation and the circular economy

AdP VALOR stands out as the business tool of the Águas de Portugal Group for promoting networked innovation, for developing new areas of business and products and for strengthening the resilience, quality and effectiveness of their operations while also rendering support to the sector for meeting the environmental challenges faced.

Contributing towards the acceleration of innovation and implementing the circular economy through developing the strategic and specialist technical activities that enable the leveraging of efficiencies, economic rationality and valuing resources represent the mission of the AdP VALOR company, which thus constitutes a motor for driving the accomplishment of the strategic objectives of the AdP – Águas de Portugal Group.

AdP VALOR was founded through the repurposing of the company providing the AdP Group’s shared services and takes on the mission to drive networked strategic innovation, launching and managing new areas of sustainable business aligned with the Group’s priorities and structured around the principles of the circular economy.

Acting in a coordinated relationship with the companies making up the chain of value underlying the urban water cycle, AdP VALOR holds the vocation for the provision of specialist engineering and operating services to the AdP Group as well as a technical service niche for the external market alongside the development of environmentally innovative and robust solutions for resolving historical environment liabilities.

The company takes on the role of waste management operator for the AdP Group in order to enable the recovery of value from the subproducts resulting from water and wastewater treatment processes, transforming wastes into resources through applying the usages most appropriate to the nutrients and materials available in the sludges.

25 of February of 2021