AdP Group electric fleet reduced over 200 tons of CO2 emissions in 10 months

Between January and October of this year, the 127 electric vehicles in the AdP – Águas de Portugal Group fleet avoided the consumption of over 107,000 litres of fuel, bringing about a reduction of 202 tons of CO2 emissions over a total distance of 1.2 million kilometres.

At the end of October, the AdP Group electric vehicles fleet had covered a total distance of 1 286 707 kilometres, achieving reductions in excess of 83% in terms of fuel and energy consumption and a cut of around 70% in the greenhouse gas emissions caused.
The reduction in energy consumption over these ten months came in at 890 MWh, which corresponds to over 53 toe (tonnes of oil equivalent) and in the vicinity of 367 barrels of oil.

10 of December of 2018