The project OZONE4WATER aims to develop a disruptive ozone technology for water treatment, with procedural and economic advantages over conventional solutions. As such, this project provides a process optimization that relies on:
i) The use of functionalized membranes for O3/O2 separation to obtain an O3-enriched gas stream. The use of this technology allows to strongly reduce the O2 consumption as well energy consumptions and costs;
ii) The integration of an O3/O2 separation unit with a pressurized static micro/meso-structured mixer (NETmix). This enhances O3 mass transfer from the gas to the liquid stage up to 100%.

The development of this project also includes a laboratory prototype that will be validated for the pre- and post-oxidation of freshwater and tertiary treatment of UWW (Urban Wastewater), thus allowing access to safe and affordable drinking water and safe irrigation-grade treated UWW. Lastly, the environmental, economic, and social impacts of the developed technology, as well as its future implementation, will be assessed through a Life Cycle Assessment.

Coordinated by the Faculty of Engineering from the University of Porto, this project includes AdP VALOR, EnKrott e Simbiente as partners. Additionally, the Laboratory of Separation and Reaction Engineering - Laboratory of Catalysis and Materials, from the University of Porto, will be the research unit.  

In the scope of the OZONE4WATER project, AdP Valor will support the development of the technology by providing wastewater samples. Moreover, AdP VALOR will contribute to activities regarding the adaption of this technology for water and wastewater treatment, as well as collaborate in activities regarding the communication and dissemination of the project. 
Global Budget: 226 870,73 EUR
Starting date: February 2021
Project duration: 36 months 

Funded by: