Within the scope of providing countries with the knowledge necessary to enabling the efficient and integrated management of forest fires, the European Union is financing the PyroLife Project through the Marie-Curie Innovative Training Networks program of Horizon 2020.

Coordinated by the Dutch Wageningen University & Research, this is the first-ever integrated global project in combating forest fires.

This correspondingly innovative project brings together scientific knowledge and practical experience from different entities, involving a total of 21 international partnerships, including universities and public and private entities from 13 countries. Portugal is participating both through Águas de Portugal and the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro.
Águas de Portugal is participating in the doctoral degree internship program, which forms an integral part of this project, hosting two of the fifteen doctoral students throughout four months. These students shall respectively be working on the following fields:

• Grasping the perceptions around the risks of fire and managing the respective soils, 
• The environmental impacts resulting from forest fires on carbon flows and water quality. 

Budget: 4 000 000 EUR
Starting date: october 2019
Duration: 48 months

Funded by: