AdP Energias

Rua Visconde de Seabra, 3
1700 – 421 Lisboa

Tel.: +351 212 469 445
Fax: +351 212 469 402

The AdP Energias mission embodies both maximising the energy outputs of the assets and endogenous resources of the AdP group and contributing towards the sustainable development of its companies rationalising their energy consumption and reducing or offsetting their greenhouse gas emissions.

Within the field of renewable energies production, AdP Energias develops projects specifically in the following domains:

• Production of energy based on waste derived fuels and the slurries resulting from wastewater treatment plants – Selective Energy Recovery Centres;
• Hydro-electric power – hydric peaks and micro-hydric;
• Production of photovoltaic solar energy – traditional technologies and solar photovoltaic concentration.
In parallel, AdP Energias undertakes work in support of group companies in encouraging energy efficient solutions, optimising the production of energy in already existing installations and equipment and in developing regional and local solutions for the environmentally correct and energy efficient treatment of wastewater treatment plant by-products.