We’re at work with the objective of protecting and enhancing the natural and human environments

The AdP – Águas de Portugal group plays a structural role in the environment sector in Portugal and spanning the fields of water supply and wastewater sanitation.

Through its holdings, the AdP Group operates nationwide, right from the north to the south, providing services to the municipalities that are simultaneously shareholders in the companies managing the multi-municipal systems (“bulk” systems) and directly serving their populations through municipal level services (“retail” systems) for water supply and sanitation.


Over the course of the last two decades, the AdP Group has invested over €6.3 billion which, in conjunction with its planning and implementation capacities, its operational and financial management experience, the development of innovative solutions and   the great commitment and dedication of its members of staff, has enabled a major improvement in these essential public services. This has resulted in positive and concrete impacts on the quality of the environment, public health, service standards and the overall sustainability of the sector.