We strive for a public service mission, managing a strategic resource, essential to life and human development, according to a long term vision, based on a robust organisational model and a deeply ethical culture.

The AdP Group Integrity Policy presents our vision on the ethics and integrity, consolidating the commitment of its member companies to a model of governance incorporating the very highest of ethical standards, transparency, responsibility and excellence in public management practices.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct is the fundamental guiding instrument supporting our people in understanding the ethical norms of the AdP Group and conveying to our partners and other interested parties the principles underlining the ways in which we go about our activities.

Ethics Board
- António Correia de Campos (President)
- Henrique Gouveia e Melo (Vice-president)
- Ana Monteiro de Sousa (Member)

Ethics Commission 
- Fátima Borges, President
- António Martins 
- Cristina Rebelo Pereira 
- José Luís Caseiro 
- Mariana Castro Henriques
- Marina Marques 
- Paulo Queirós 

To contact the Ethics Commission: etica.adp@adp.pt