Strategic Framework of Commitment

Water is essential to life and a human right duly recognised by the United Nations in addition to taking on transversal importance throughout the Sustainable Development Goals set by the Agenda 2030. However, access to this universal right is becoming increasingly compromised due to the risks arising from climate change, from controlling pollution through to protecting the health of both humans and the environment.


Over recent decades, the AdP Group has brought about a profound transformation in the national water supply and basic sanitation sectors, raising the standard of quality and establishing the conditions necessary both for ensuring public health and preserving the environment. 

In order to provide responses to the evolution in the paradigm and the major social challenges interrelated with this sector, the AdP Group has set out its Strategic Framework of Commitment, which further reinforces its response capacity to the dynamics associated precisely with climate change, decarbonisation, the digital transformation and the circular economy. This strategy shall also drive the still more effective utilisation of resources, the objectives of improving the quality of water and the levels of service provided to the populations served, endowing Portugal with one of the best environmental performances in Europe. 


“This collective commitment makes the Águas de Portugal Group

still more cohesive and robust and of deeper social utility.” 

José Furtado, Chair of the Águas de Portugal Board of Directors


The AdP Group Strategic Framework of Commitment is a collective alignment and mobilisation in the sense of adding social utility, corresponding to environmental demands, returning efficiency gains and outperforming quality standards in water supply and wastewater treatment services, which are essential to wellbeing, public health, the environment, the economy and to sustainable development.


The construction of this Strategy incorporated a collaborative process involving the 3,300 Group members of staff, reflecting their personal and professional experiences in their specialist fields and beyond, understanding the complete water cycle, its evolutions and needs. 


We started out by identifying and interpreting the expectations of the main stakeholders and we subsequently structured them into an approach anchored on three strategic axes focused on Persons and Organisations, on Clients and Users and on the Environment and Society before then establishing 12 strategic challenges that triggered around 500 different action proposals, from across every Group company, which in turn expresses the high level of involvement and clear perception of the importance of establishing an open and shared direction.


The Strategic Framework of Commitment was publicly presented at a meeting open to employees, institutional partners, municipalities, clients, sector associations and environmental groups among other stakeholders in November 2020.


“Due to the impact that we have on the life of the Portuguese, we have added duties and responsibilities in the public presentation of both our strategy and our accounting.”

José Furtado, Chair of the Águas de Portugal Board of Directors