Rua Visconde de Seabra, 3
1700-421 Lisboa

Tel: +351 21 246 95 00

AdP VALOR holds the mission of driving strategic innovation throughout the AdP Group, dynamically boosting the available network of critical competences, launching and managing sustainable new businesses aligned with the Group’s priorities, focused on the principles of the circular economy, managing aggregative technical processes that strategically leverage the creation of value and successfully overcoming the challenges faced by the Group in addition to rendering specialist engineering and operational services within a context of sustainability and valuing the urban water cycle.

This thus positions AdP VALOR as a business tool of the Águas de Portugal Group for accelerating innovation and implementing the circular economy, for developing new business areas and products and strengthening the resilience, quality and efficiency of our company’s operations with a positive impact at the external level, specifically through providing the sector, both nationally and internationally, with the technical know-how accumulated over recent decades.