We foster and promote universality, continuity and quality in water and waste services and thus contribute to the sustainability of the sector and the protection of environmental values.


The AdP - Águas de Portugal group manages its socially held companies in accordance with its mission to design, build, operate and manage Water Supply and Wastewater Sanitation Systems within a framework of economic, financial, technical, social and environmental sustainability and correspondingly developing a Portuguese business group with strong, high-level competences, able to effectively and efficiently respond to the major challenges faced by the environmental sector.

Established as a state sector business entity to implement public policies and attain national objectives within the environmental sector, the group strives to bring about universality, continuity and quality in all services alongside sector sustainability and the protection of environmental values.

Sustainability in the utilisation of natural resources and preserving water as a strategic resource essential to life, balancing and improving environmental quality, equity in the access to basic services and fostering well-being through raising the quality of life of citizens all represent fundamental AdP Group values.