Development of Water Safety Plans

The AdP Group runs an internal team of experts in Water Safety Plans (WSP) which, in addition to internal AdP Group work, has been providing external consultancy service to various other managing entities nationally and internationally.

As a result of this experience, the Group has also published a support manual for the implementation of WSP methodologies, with examples illustrating effective and efficient measures implemented by the AdP Group companies.

Several Portuguese management companies, such as Águas do Porto and SIMAS of Oeiras and Amadora, as well as international entities including the Water Supply Regulation Council of Mozambique and ONEE Morocco, are on the list of entities that have used Group services in this field, providing due recognition of its long experience in implementing WSPs and the relevance of the tools put into practice by this team of experts.

AdP ranks among the leading management entities worldwide for the implementation of Water Safety Plans in accordance with the 2004 methodology proposed by the World Health Organisation for the monitoring and management of the risks associated with the public supply of water.