AdP Group joined in the Macau Environmental Forum

The intervention of AdP Group companies in the project to depollute the Tagus Estuary represents one of the examples of the sustainable management of hydric resources under focus at the forum in Macau.

The Águas de Portugal Group joined in the 10th MIECF – the Macau International Environmental Cooperation Forum and Exhibition held from 30th March to 1st April 2017. The Group’s participation took place within the framework of the mission led by the PPA – the Portuguese Partnership for Water, which also includes the APA – the Portuguese Environment Agency, AEPSA – the Portuguese Association of Environment Sector Companies and Ecofirma.

Carlos Martins, Portuguese State Secretary for the Environment, also attended the forum held under the main theme of "Innovative Green Development for a Sustainable Future” and with its keynote speak of Achim Steiner, former executive director of the United Nations Environmental Program and currently international vice-president of the Chinese Council for International Environment and Development Cooperation.

The AdP Group was invited to contribute towards the forum with AdP Director Cláudio de Jesus presenting the projects to depollute the Tagus Estuary as an example of the sustainable management of hydric resources. Alongside its participation in the exhibition hall, the Group also staged individual meetings with Chinese partners and investors.

The Tagus Estuary depollution project, undertaken by three AdP Group sanitation companies and involving 19 municipalities, incorporated a multi-municipal management logic based upon the physical realities of the hydrographic basin and able to bring together the necessary competences, share technical and human resources, rationalise investments and return economies of scale. The project involved investment in excess of €680 million and benefitted over 3.8 million inhabitant-equivalents. This investment, carried out over a period of 15 years and concluded in 2012, was partially financed by the European Union and the European Investment Bank.

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29 of March of 2017