AdP Internacional and EDP sign a technical assistance contract in Guinea Bissau

The signed contract receives World Bank financing and remains in effect for three years.

The consortium, made up of AdP Internacional, EDP and the consultancy Leadership Business Consulting, is to provide technical assistance services for the modernisation and restructuring of EAGB - Eletricidade e Águas da Guiné Bissau.

The consortium’s support is designed to ensure the introduction of improvements to the EAGB distribution network and reduce the losses of electricity and water that currently compromise the company’s objectives. The team is also to assist in restructuring the EAGB database and modernising both client services and the billing system. In the water supply sector, this will also strengthen treatment and quality analysis processes. The initial contract also includes support for financial and human resource management. 

At the end of this project, the objectives include ensuring EAGB implements higher standards of management across its human, technical and commercial resources and thus be able to more efficiently serve its clients. In order to ensure the close supervision of this project, the Portuguese consortium is to send five experts to Guinea Bissau to work in close conjunction with the company’s own management team. 

The project also includes a pool of 13 qualified specialists who are to undertake specific missions in the country.

“This project is of the greatest relevance to the Águas de Portugal Group as it shall enable improvements to the qualifications of EAGB technical staff over the next three years, providing technical support to every area of the company similarly to what we have been developing in other Portuguese language countries”, emphasised Cláudio de Jesus, the Águas de Portugal Internacional president.

21 of November of 2018