Águas de Portugal joins the board of Water Europe

For the first time, Águas de Portugal is now represented on the board of Water Europe, the European platform dedicated to fostering the promotion and dissemination of research projects, development and innovation in the water sector. The general assembly took place on 12 June in Brussels within the scope of holding the "WE Water Innovation Europe 2019" conference.

Represented by Cláudio de Jesus, member of the Board of Directors of the holding company and President of the Board of Directors of AdP Internacional, Águas de Portugal now participates in the C - Utilities college in conjunction with De Watergroep, the largest operator in the Belgian water sector.  

The deliberative organ of Water Europe integrates a total of five colleges along with representatives from its corporate members. For the 2019-2020 mandate, Tomas Michel was re-elected to the presidency and accompanied by Wim van Vierssen as the lead vice-president and Marie-Renée de Roubin as treasurer. 

The priorities of this board’s mandate involve strengthening the membership of Water Europe among industrial water users, public authorities and organisations and as well as the civil societies of European Union member states in Eastern Europe alongside defence of a progressive and innovative European policy that ensures the transition to a Water-Smart Society.

Launched by the European Commission in 2004 as WssTP – the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform, Water Europe currently includes over 200 members on a platform that covers the entire chain of value for water while focused on innovation, technology, research and representing the multiple actors in this sector.

03 of July of 2019