AdP Group electric vehicles prevent the need to consume over 170,000 litres of fuel in 2019

Over the course of 2019, the 127 electric vehicles in the fleet of the AdP – Águas de Portugal Group avoided the emission of over 326 tons of CO2 and the consumption of in excess of 173,000 litres of fuel for the total of over 2 million kilometres travelled.

Through to the end of December 2019, the electric vehicle fleet of AdP Group travelled a total of 2 062 811 kilometres and returned a reduction in of around 70% in the greenhouse gases emitted.

In relation to energy consumption, over these twelve months this accounted for a cut of around 83%, standing at 1 429.0 MWh, which corresponds to over 85 tep (tons of equivalent petrol) and the avoidance of consumption of the equivalent of 582.7 barrels of oil in comparison with the vehicles replaced (combustion engines).

This also highlights the reduction of 326 tons in CO2 emissions in relation to petrol and diesel powered vehicles.

The levels recorded on 31 December 2019 reflect compliance with over 78% of the targets set by the AdP Group for 2020 as regards the reduction in CO2 emissions given that its PEPE energy plan establishes a global objective of reducing 750 tons of CO2 emissions over an accumulated and estimated distance of five million kilometres. 

12 of February of 2020