The Águas de Portugal Group recognises employees and raises awareness about the value of water and biodiversity

A video message of thanks to the 3,290 members of staff of AdP - Águas de Portugal Group companies for the work undertaken on behalf of the environment is to be broadcast on the main television and digital channels to commemorate World Environment Day (5 June).

Also to commemorate this same date, and among other initiatives, the AdP Group is launching a new edition of the Study on the Portuguese Attitudes and Behaviours to Water and deliver the prizes for the AQUAQUIZ game to young students from the 2nd and 3rd cycles of primary teaching.

Many workers from every AdP Group company are sending out messages of awareness over the importance of biodiversity, appealing for everybody to collaborate in protecting the environment and Doing More #forNature”, the slogan adopted by the United Nations for the 2020 World Environment Day.

Study on water related behaviours
The AdP Group is to launch a new edition of a market study carried out in 2018 to better understand and decode the attitudes and behaviours prevailing towards water and identify the factors that may best raise awareness about the rational utilisation of water.

This new edition shall enable an evaluation of the evolution around this issue over these last two years and also return insights into whether the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the attitudes of the Portuguese as regards water and their predisposition to adopt more efficient behaviours as regards the utilisation and preservation of water resources.

Raising awareness and educating on the value of water and sustainable development
World Environment Day also saw the announcement of the winners in the national AQUAQUIZ competition, one of the tools made available by the AdP Group in support of participative pedagogic practices that foster the value of water within the scope of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The 20 young students who stood out in this competition about their knowledge of water attend the 2nd and 3rd cycles of primary education in schools located in Vila Real, Chaves and Sintra.

Since its launch on 1 February 2019, AQUAQUIZ has registered more than 4,000 users and around 500 schools. Thus far, the game has been played over 135,000 times (122,336 table games 12,938 battles).
The game remains available and may be played in the family, among friends and by all those who wish to test their knowledge about water.

Fazer mais #PelaNatureza (Doing More #forNature)
Many members of staff from across the diverse companies making up the AdP Group, who operate from the north to the south of the country, are propagating messages of awareness about the important of biodiversity and appealing for all persons to adopt behaviours that are more sustainable and “environmentally friendly”.

“Together we do more #forNature” is the key slogan for these messages and adopting the same expression as that of the United Nations to highlight the 2020 World Environment Day.

05 of June of 2020