Innovation and Awareness to add Value to Water

On World Water Day 2021, the Águas de Portugal Group stages a dynamic set of initiatives including the presentation of the 360º Innovation Strategy and various activities taking place at companies around the country with the objective of raising awareness of the value of water across its different dimensions. 
  • An online event featured the presentation of the “360º Innovation of the Águas de Portugal Group” strategy, which highlighted the importance and the need to accelerate with networked innovation, deepening resilience, the quality and efficiency of our operations and the development of new business areas and products in order to provide responses to the current environmental and social challenges. 
  • Online conference cycle “The Last Drop” in partnership with the Pavilion of Knowledge. In this awareness raising action especially focused on schools, researchers and specialists approached five challenges related with the provision and management of water in Portugal, challenging the young audience to question themselves and become part of the solution. 
  • Launching of a new version of the game AQUAQUIZ (, integrating functions for playing the virtual game at a distance, and thus not the existing in-person format. AQUAQUIZ is a pedagogic game about the value of water in the format of a quiz designed by the AdP Group for students in the 2nd and 3rd cycles of Primary Education and constituting a support tool for pedagogic practices fostering the value of water within the context of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Participation in the H2OFF campaign that set the challenge of turning off taps throughout an hour on March 22. This initiative was promoted by APDA – the Portuguese Association for Water Distribution and Drainage with the objective encouraging changes in behaviours and enhancing knowledge about the correct and efficient usages of water. 
  • Regionally and covering much of the national territory, Group companies commemorated World Water Day with local awareness raising exercises about the value of water.

23 of March of 2021