The FRISCO – Management of water quality contamination risks caused by forest fires project receives financing from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology led by the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisboa and counting upon the participation of AdP VALOR, the Higher Institute of Agronomy and the University of Aveiro in the capacity of project partners.

The project seeks to provide national water and forestry managers with science based information, and within meaningful timeframes, on the risk of contamination to water sources downstream from forest fires and which methodologies may serve to both minimise the risks and mitigate the consequences.

AdP holds responsibility for developing Task 3 – management of post-fire contamination as well as collaborating with tasks 4, 5 and 6

AdP is to coordinate T3; thereby defining the “contamination episode” for water treatment and quantifying the costs of such treatment.

In T4, AdP is to participate in the comparison of the results of the model developed with real water contamination data in order to establish an index for post-fire contamination risks.

In T6, AdP is forecast to participate in project supervisory meetings as well as disseminating the results through staging three workshops.

Project launch: January 2020
Project duration: 3 years

Budget: 300 000 EUR
Starting date: january 2020
Duration: 36 months

Funded by: