The project INMOVAGUA - Moved by water, moved by innovation, seeks to support the participation of AdP Serviços in applications to the Horizon 2020 financing program.

Given how Horizon 2020 represents the European Union’s largest research and innovation program, integrating strategic areas of such great importance to the water sectors, including scientific excellence, industrial leadership as well as social challenges, its relevance to the innovation activities ongoing at AdP VALOR is unmistakeable. In fact, according to the Global Risk Report 2019 from the World Economic Forum, various of the leading global risks facing the planet stem from the environment and interrelate with water. Hence, in conjunction with the need to ensure the sector evolves within the increasingly digital context, this contributes towards changing the paradigm for seeking out innovative solutions able to respond to the rising challenges the sector faces.

The present project seeks to make its contribution towards responding to those challenges through supporting the drafting of five applications to Horizon 2020 for projects spanning the following fields:

- Fostering the digitalisation of the water sector, contributing towards raising efficiency in the utilisation of the resource and the sharing and democratisation of information and the breaking down of silos within organisations and between stakeholders.

- Developing architectures for the better management of water.

- Enabling the circular economy through water.

- Identify alternative sources of water.

- Fostering the involvement of different entities of relevance to the water sector.

- Raising citizen awareness around water related themes.

The expectation is that at least one application receives approval, thereby providing for a 20% implementation rate; above the average approval ratio for this program.

INMOVAGUA is a project co-financed by Portugal 2020 under the auspices of its R&D Internationalisation Program.

Budget: 68 774,8 EUR
Starting date: July 2019
Duration: 24 months

Funded by: