Águas de Portugal Group subscribes the Sustainable Ocean Principles

The Águas de Portugal Group joins 150 companies, with a market capital value in excess of a trillion euros, to act in defence of healthier oceans. 

At the Sustainable Blue Economy Investment Forum in Cascais, a special event under the auspices of the UN Ocean Conference, the Águas de Portugal Group joined 150 major corporations to officially ratify their commitment to healthy ocean in signing up to the UN Global Compact Sustainable Ocean Principles

The companies committing to the Sustainable Ocean Principles undertake to evaluate their own impacts on oceans and to integrate ocean sustainability into their general strategy. 

Our world depends on healthy oceans, productive and resilient, to guarantee food security, climate change mitigation and the means for economic subsistence. Climate changes, over-fishing, pollution and unsustainable and unequal development are harming the health of our oceans and seas.

“Today’s commitment by 150 companies in the blue economy demonstrates the will of the private sector to support SDG 14. Healthy and productive oceans depend on every actor doing their respective part. I feel encouraged by these companies and their commitment to integrate the health of oceans into their corporate strategies”, affirmed Sanda Ojiambo, Assistant Secretary-General and CEO of the United Nations Global Pact.

“The Águas de Portugal Group has been a signatory of the UN Global Compact ever since 2010, playing an active role in what is believed to be the largest corporate responsibility initiative on a global scale. We hereby also assume this commitment to defend the oceans, integrating these principles into our Sustainability Strategy”, declared Fátima Borges, Director of Group Sustainability and Business Responsibility. 

The Águas de Portugal Group thus joins some of the largest companies in the blue economy, including the Mediterranean Shipping Company, Ørsted, SAP SE and Thai Union among the 150 signatories of the UN Global Compact Sustainable Ocean Principles, which spans 30 industries, 35 countries and six continents and with a total market capital value of over one trillion euros. 

Within the scope of the 17 Sustainable Development Goal, SDG 14 has received the lowest level of financial investment. it is necessary to boost public and private and mixed financing to bring about a healthy blue economy.

The UN Global Compact announced its intention to bring together an alliance oof global stakeholders to develop a universal orientation towards Blue Bonds – a commitment to strengthening the consistency and transparency in the global market for financing the sustainable blue economy. The Global Guidance for Bonds Financing the Blue Economy thus seeks to provide actors with market criteria, practices and clear examples for issuing blue bonds and loans. 

The complete list of the Sustainable Ocean Principles signatories is available here.

28 of June of 2022