AdP backs Mozambique in combating the water shortage

The preparations for an awareness campaign promoting the rational usage of water and support for strengthening the sources of water and reductions in water loss are the core areas defined in the cooperation protocol signed between the AdP Group and the Mozambican FIPAG – the Fund for Water Supply Investment and Patrimony.
The AdP Group is thereby to provide technical support to Mozambique for the resolution of problems in the public water supply affecting the province of Maputo and arising from the low level of rainfall in recent months across the south of this country.

This support takes place under the auspices of a cooperation protocol signed on 12 May between AdP Internacional and FIPAG of Mozambique.
Within the scope of the technical support to be provided by the AdP Group comes the development of an awareness campaign backing the saving and rationalised usage of water. The cooperation with FIPAG also foresees the boosting of the water supply through the drilling of water boreholes in the city of Maputo alongside the reduction in water losses from the river Umbeluzi water supply and treatment system.
The protocol emerges out of the recent request made by the Government of Mozambique for support from the Government of Portugal to deal with the shortage of water in the capital with Portugal proving the first country to step up with a positive response and making assistance available to Mozambique to overcome this problem.

15 of May of 2017