AdP Group targets sustainable mobility

Additionally, also under the auspices of PEPE - the Efficiency and Energy Production Plan, the AdP Group is committed to implementing the National Strategy for Electric Mobility.

The introduction of electric vehicles into the service fleet, the installation of renewable energy powered vehicle recharging posts and the implementation of a pilot project for the energy certification of vehicles in partnership with ADENE are the key measures for implementation within this context.

In a first phase, the Group objective targets the replacement of around 100 service combustion engine vehicles with electric vehicles that in itself shall bring about a reduction in the respective CO2 emissions of around 650 tons per year.

Complementarily, 50 electric vehicle recharging posts will be installed in locations prioritising sites with renewable energy production sources. As regards the specific recharging post power supplies, the Group’s objective involves taking advantage of the solar energy produced by various Group companies with the plans also studying the scope for some of these recharging posts to be open to public utilisation.

The Group also today signed a protocol with ADENE for certification and capacity building for energy efficiency in the water sector that foresees, among other actions, the implementation of a pilot model of ADENE fleet energy certification – SEEF – the Fleet Energy Labelling System – for vehicles in the service of the Group. 

31 of May of 2017