Drought awareness campaign

“Let’s turn off the tap to drought” is the motto of the campaign launched by the Ministry of the Environment, Águas de Portugal, the Portuguese Environment Agency and ERSAR with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of making rational use of water, especially in the context of drought experienced in Portugal. Based on the concept of “time”, the campaign highlights that one minute of wasted water is enough to meet the basic daily needs of 1 million people.

“One minute a day, let's fight the drought” is the main appeal of the awareness messages that are being disseminated through advertisements in various newspapers. The campaign will also be broadcast through the ATM network, digital channels, radio and television, among other means. A microsite was also created (www.fecheatorneira.pt) which will have information about the drought and useful advice on how to use water well.

This awareness campaign is part of the measures provided for in the Prevention, Monitoring and Contingency Plan for Drought Situations approved by the Permanent Commission for Prevention, Monitoring and Monitoring of the Effects of Drought created last June.

Facts and Figures

- 1 minute of running the tap represents around 12 liters of water;
- If each person keeps the tap open unnecessarily for one minute, this represents a waste of 120 million liters of water;
- 120 million liters of water guarantee the basic needs of 1 million people.

01 of June of 2022