Backpacks of Hope delivered in Dondo

The Backpacks of Hope donated by the employees of the AdP Group have now already reached Mozambican families in the Dondo region in Beira province. 

The Backpacks of Hope sent by the AdP - Águas de Portugal Group, EDP, Lusíadas Saúde and the Imprensa Group were delivered on 19 July to families in Dondo, in the province of Beira, through APOIAR – Associação Portuguesa de Apoio a África, a Portuguese NGDO. 

In total, some 5,000 backpacks were handed over, of which 1,450 were provided by members of staff at AdP - Águas de Portugal group companies. Through this initiative, it was possible to “provide a symbol of hope” in the form of kits of essential goods that are to help around 25,000 of the Mozambicans affected by the consequences of Cyclone Idai.

The five thousand backpacks delivered to families all contained essential goods: rice, pasta, beans, tuna, condensed milk, a pan, a wooden spoon, soaps, detergent soap and white t-shirts.

In addition to participating in the Support Mozambique initiative launched by SIC Esperança, the Águas de Portugal Group boosted its support to the Mozambican authorities with the objective of helping to re-establish the public water supply network.

Within this scope, and ongoing since April, various teams have deployed in the terrain, especially in order to verify the water supply infrastructures, provide a diagnosis of their respective condition and evaluate the rehabilitation work necessary to re-establishing normal operations.

In June, the water supply system powered by the mobile Water Treatment Station, donated by EPAL, was inaugurated and correspondingly beginning supplies to some three thousand households in the Ndunda neighbourhood in the suburbs of Beira.

30 of July of 2019