The AdP President subscribes to the CEO Guide for Human Rights

João Nuno Mendes is one of 38 signatories that have signed up to the CEO Guide for Human Rights, a BCSD Portugal initiative.

This publication identifies important aspects in the field of human rights that challenge companies to take action: the regulatory framework is ever more demanding and increasingly aligned with the expectations of both investors and society in general.

The 38 Portuguese presidents and CEOs who have subscribed to the national edition of the CEO Guide for Human Rights, launched in June by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, take on the commitment to greater ambition in promoting human rights in their organisations and chains of value. This strives to reach beyond risk management and compliance with the prevailing legislative and regulatory frameworks and seek positive transformations in the livelihoods of people.

In addition to Águas de Portugal, companies such as CGD, CTT, EDP, Brisa and NOS, among others, signed up to the Portuguese edition of this project. The CEO Guide for Human Rights now spans 43 corporations, from 17 countries, directly employing 2.8 million members of staff and operating vast and transversal global chains of value across 17 different business sectors.

11 of September of 2019