AdP Group operational fleet with energy certification

The AdP Group's operational fleet renewed its energy certification under ADENE's Move+ program, materializing the commitment we have made to being at the forefront of the energy transition towards a more sustainable and decarbonized economy.

This certification, not having any legal obligation, allows us to know the energy and environmental efficiency of the fleet while identifying opportunities for energy savings, cost reduction and minimization of environmental impact, objectives that we pursue within the scope of the ZERO energy neutrality program.

In 2021, the Group's operational fleet, which includes vehicles powered by conventional fuel and 100% electric, achieved energy efficiency class B, on a scale from F (least efficient) to A (most efficient). The Group's decarbonization strategy envisages reaching energy class A by 2030.

Within the scope of the Energy Management System, the AdP Group signed a protocol with ADENE that provides for the Energy Certification of the Group's operational fleet, under the Move+ program. This certification, which demonstrates the Group's dedication and commitment to being at the forefront of the energy transition towards a more sustainable and decarbonized economy, allows the fleet's energy and environmental efficiency to be known while at the same time identifying opportunities to save energy, to cost reduction and to minimize environmental impact. The established protocol also considered the training of 16 internal auditors.

In 2018, the AdP Group began its Energy Efficiency and Production Plan (PEPE). One of the areas of action of this plan envisaged the introduction of electric vehicles to contribute to the pursuit of decarbonization goals, on the path to a greener fleet. 127 100% electric vehicles and 145 charging points installed in the Group's infrastructure were integrated into the operational fleet.

In 2020, the 128 electric vehicles that make up the AdP Group's service fleet covered more than 1.8 million km, consuming 260MWh and avoiding the consumption of more than 152 thousand liters of fossil fuels.

23 of December of 2021