AdP joins the consortium backing waste management in Cape Verde

The Águas de Portugal group, through Águas de Portugal Internacional, is joining the Portuguese consortium that is to provide support for Cabo Verde as it designs a strategy and roadmap for its waste management sector.

The project, presented in Cidade da Praia on 25th February, spans the components of diagnosis, through technological mapping, of sites of disposal and means of collection while also defining the legislative framework and the human resource training and empowerment needs.

A second phase, and based upon the results and findings of this roadmap, sees the launch of a project deploying waste management technological means and that simultaneously serves to strengthen the training and the supervision of the technological project development.

With this project, Cape Verde aims to find the means to cope with the significant concentration of its over 520,000 inhabitants in urban centres with a resulting impact in terms of producing over 220 tons of solid waste every day. The appropriate management of waste represents a critical factor to the country complying with its Millennium Development Goals.

In addition to AdP Internacional, the consortium draws upon Ecovisão and the non governmental development organisation TESE for project implementation and collaborates with the Cape Verdean entities responsible at the national water and sanitation agency, the national directorate of the environment and Ecovisão Cabo Verde.

26 of February of 2015