The project SILVANUS - Integrated Technological and Information Platform for Wildfire Management aims to develop a climate resilient forest management platform to prevent and suppress wildfires, as well as mitigate possible effects. 

The SILVANUS platform combines environmental, technical, and social sciences aspects to support regional and national authorities responsible for wildfire management and risk assessment. As such, this platform will focus on three components of fire suppression: a) prevention and preparedness; b) detection and response; c) restoration and adaptation.

Funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Green Deal program and coordinated by Università Telematica Pegaso, this project includes approximately 50 partners. The SILVANUS project innovations will be systematically deployed and demonstrated across eight EU Member States regions (France, Italy, Slovakia, Greece, Czechia, Portugal, Croatia, and Romania). Additional demonstrations will also be carried out across Indonesia, Brazil, and Australia. 
Within the scope of this project, the Portuguese pilot will be led by EDP New, in collaboration with AdP VALOR, Instituto Superior Técnico and TerraPrima as partners, and Águas do Vale do Tejo as linked third party. The main goal of this pilot is to demonstrate the implementation of prevention and restoration actions for forest fires that simultaneously benefit nature conservation. For that purpose, conventional agricultural practices (such as shepherd) will be combined with digital technology, allowing the development and implementations of close to nature rural management approaches. 

The use of digital technology will rely on remote sensing, using drones and satellite images, to monitor the vegetation growth surrounding critical infrastructures for both water and energy sectors in the region of Cova da Beira. This approach will contribute to a more efficient implementation of maintenance measures, while facilitating the report to the stakeholders. As a result, the Portuguese pilot will focus on components a) prevention and preparedness and c) restoration and adaptation.

Using SILVANUS platform, the civil protection authorities will efficiently monitor forest resources, evaluate biodiversity, generate more accurate fire risk indicators, and promote safety regulations among the local population affected by wildfire through awareness campaigns.

Budget: 23 million EUR
Starting date: October 2021
Project duration: 42 months

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