We render public services essential to the quality of life, to economic development and to the protection of the environment

The core Grupo AdP - Águas de Portugal activity involves the integrated management of the urban water cycle and spanning all of its respective phases, ranging from the capture, treatment and distribution of water for public consumption to the collection, transport, treatment and disposal of urban and industrial wastewaters and including their recycling and reutilisation.

Through its different companies, the group has a nationwide presence, from the north to the south of Portugal, providing services to municipalities that simultaneously serve as shareholders in the companies managing multi-municipal systems (“bulk” systems), and directly serving the populations through municipal systems (“retail” systems) providing water and sanitation systems.

The group also operates in the renewable energies sector, with the objective of maximising the energy returns of its assets and endogenous resources, develops new business and products considering the principles of circular economy and is present in international markets with operations in various countries.